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Ok so, if you were following my themes blog before, you’ve probably been unfollowed from it. Apparently as of yesterday it became “corrupt” as tumblr support told me. I was no longer a member and considering no one else was, no one could re-admin me. Tumblr support couldn’t even. Long story shorter: restarted this tumblr, but with the same url thanks to tumblr support. So you’ll have to re-follow if you were following before. I’m a little frustrated about it, but thankfully everything wasn’t lost so, sorry about that!

Ahhh. I'm really sorry for bothering you, but the redirect thing really isn't working. For some reason, it keeps telling me that the URL is invalid. ><
Anonymous ASKED

hmmm and you’re doing cause it should work and if it doesn’t otherwise it’s probably something on tumblr’s end.

like on my human—afterall tumblr in settings > custom domain i put:

But if you have any more questions please ask me on my blog. I’m not going to answer anymore questions on this one as I’ve moved blogs. Thanks.



I’m useless, but not for long
The future is coming on
It’s coming on

Starring: Eva Green, Diane Kruger, Johnny Depp
Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

While most of the world has been blistered by war and bombs, there are a few cities still standing. Those that are have become technological meccas surrounded by desolate desert. Just when things were looking like they were going to level out, massive spaceships appear out of no where. For the past hundred years, people from another planet have walked among us looking like humans and acting just like us. It seems just when Earth was down and out, it was also ripe for the picking. No thanks to Hecta (Eva Green), a particularly important extraterrestrial that’s been orchestrating most of what’s occurred over the past decade. The other worlders bombard the city with bombs as Hecta tries to tie up the loose ends. Elias (Johnny Depp) a former government agent, let go for his shoot from the hip antics, is now a taxi driver. An archaic sort of occupation. When a bomb hits his taxi he is rushed to the hospital were he encounters, Isobel (Diane Kruger), a nurse. The shock from the explosion, awakens memories from his government days that had once been wiped, as they were confidential. Elias convinces Isobel to help him deter Hecta and her kind from enslaving the human race and ending life as they know it today.

How did you automatically redirect your human--afterall blog to here?

By the way - I love your edits. I love everything on your blog. It's beautiful~
Anonymous ASKED

If you go to settings check use custom domain and then put your new blog: don’t put http

And thanks!